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Shelter Medical Treatment Donations
This section is dedicated to the animals at the shelter — the dogs and cats who need extra special medical attention.  We never choose our animals by cute, small, purebred, young and cuddly. We accept them as they are — big, old, deformed, not perfect, ugly in some eyes — and what some people might call a “mutt” we call them “Cool” Mixed breeds.  They all deserve a chance at life and the not-so-perfect ones make the most loving, awesome pets.  Many of our animals come from Kerr County Animal Control and the rest come from the public.  Three out of five dogs will most likely test positive for heartworm.  We treat every one and that expense is high.  Treatment for a large dog costs the shelter $250 or more.  Many cats come in with broken bones from accidents, and they all are treated. Remember, our shelter does not receive a monthly funds from any foundation or endowment — we raise our support for the animals.  Your donations, whatever the amount, will help us to keep our expenses down and make it absolutely possible to help every one of them that we take in. Just like your donations of cleaning supplies or animals items, the more money we get, in the more we have to rescue and save them – our goal is to SAVE THEM ALL.  Please click the flyers below to learn more about some of our sweet animals who currently are undergoing medical treatment.  And keep visiting this page often to see who needs help at the shelter to make them 100% whole again. Pass us along to a friend or share on Facebook.  We cannot thank you enough for your donations and for helping with the animals.  When you help us, YOU HELP THEM.

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