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March 22, 2020


We are taking the precaution of keeping our volunteers and customers safe. Many of our volunteers are in the age bracket they feel are susceptible and we cherish and need all of them.  Our gates will be closed to the public until Covid-19 is under control but our animals will continue to be cared for. Please honor our request of not dumping or trying to enter our facility.  After all this is controlled, we know everyone will have cleaned top to bottom and have all their spring chores done. If you want to have fun and help our animals, consider volunteering at our resale shop.  We strongly need more volunteers. If this is not something you would like, consider visiting and spending time with our animals. Please remember we house, at all times, over 100 dogs and cats — and sometimes much more — and we have no monthly income other than our resale shop (totally run by volunteers) and our donations.  We love our community and strongly hope for the best in health for everyone here. Stay healthy and happy during this shut down.

The Kathleen C. Cailloux Humane Society of Kerrville, located at 2900 Junction Highway in Kerrville, Texas, is dedicated to placing as many animals as possible in quality homes….that is our mission!   Our animals are all dreaming of forever and loving homes.

Monday thru Friday  9am – 5pm
Saturday  9am – Noon (viewing only)
Shelter Office Phone: (830) 367-7722        Email:


Our new “Pick of the Litter” Resale Shop is now open for business and donations.  If you have some idle time and want to volunteer, we always need new volunteers.  Come check it out – we love it!  Our sincere “thanks” to several local foundations that gave us grants to build it.  Woofs & Purrs to our wonderful volunteers who have worked so hard to get it ready to open.

Located on the Shelter grounds
Monday thru Saturday  10am – 4pm  (Closed Sunday)
Resale Shop Phone: (830) 367-7755
Read more about our Resale Shop


Resale Shop Ribbon Cutting
Volunteers needed, please! … ALL to benefit the animals …

We are in desperate need of more volunteers to walk & play with the dogs & cats and give them hands-on care.  Pet Therapy volunteers are also needed to keep up with this ever-expanding and rewarding program!

Our current programs include …
Education:  School Programs, Head Start Program, Canine Literacy Program
Pet Therapy:  Nursing home visits with you and your special pal! … read more
K-9 Literacy:  Once a week for 6 weeks the volunteers take their dogs to one of 3 schools and the child, the dog and the volunteer go to a quiet place so the child can read to the dog alone … read more

Other programs where we need help from volunteers….
Pet Pals: 
Come socialize with our animals — maybe you want a little company for the afternoon?!
Fundraisers:  Help with our fundraisers … they’re always fun and so vital to our shelter!
Resale Shop:  Staffed entirely by volunteers, we’re always looking for new friendly faces!
Miscellaneous Volunteer Needs From time to time we have need of volunteers to handle miscellaneous tasks.
Check out our Volunteer page for more details!