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Help the Animals … Spay & Neuter

stamp200The Humane Society has a Spay/Neuter program to aid those who cannot afford to have their animals spayed/neutered. The program is restricted to residents of Kerr County. Animals must be 6 months old to be spayed or neutered (program maximum two per customer).


The process: The individual comes into the Shelter and requests an application for a Spay/Neuter certificate for each animal. The individual must pay $20 for each certificate to help offset the cost of the program when applying. The application requests the following information: individual’s name, address (mailing address), telephone number, type of animal (dog or cat), sex, breed (if known), name of animal, age, color, approximate weight, and veterinarian to be used.  The application is handled by the shelter manager who will issue the Spay/Neuter certificate and present it to the requesting individual. If the manager is out of the office when the application is made, the certificate will be mailed to the applicant. The individual, once he has the Spay/Neuter certificate, calls the veterinarian he has selected and makes an appointment for the Spay/Neuter.

Due to the high demand, it may be several weeks before the Veterinarian can fit the Spay/Neuter into his schedule. Some of the veterinarians will offer a speedier appointment if the individual is willing to pay an additional fee.

caduceussnloveThanks again to the marvelous Veterinarians in Kerr County.  Without their help this program would not be possible.  We are so fortunate to have their support!