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Thanks to everyone who attend our fundraisers!  Our faithful community and supporters continue to help us help more Kerr County dogs and cats. Woofs and Purrs to you!!  Below are our upcoming events and pet therapy details.


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April 14 – 15, 2017
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Pet Therapy…..

“Dogs are miracles with paws” — often said, there is no better therapist than a wet nose, soulful eyes, full of fur, made with unconditional love.

Come join our Pet Therapy family with your pet. Help us share our furry gift with those so lonely in the various nursing homes, MHMR and V.A. Hospital. These pets are living prescriptions for many — studies have proven, time after time, that therapy dogs lower anxiety and stress levels of many. The Pet Therapy dogs love giving their bountiful love and, of course, receiving smiles, warm words, and love in return. We welcome new volunteers and are always in need of those with sweet, loving, manageable dogs who are friendly with the other canine volunteers.

How to become involved is easy — stop by The Kathleen Cailloux Humane Society, 2900 Junction Highway (3 miles west of Wal-mart), fill out a volunteer application, attach a copy of your dog’s shot records or have your vet fax them to the Humane Society.   We will then give you a call.

Boatloads of thanks to all of our current volunteers and to the dedicated Team Leaders who work so hard!!!
For more information just email